Helping Tempe Find Solutions to Today’s Complex Problems 

As a city, we are facing new challenges that require a fresh perspective with an emphasis on helping every resident of Tempe. Casey Clowes is a policy expert and attorney who plans to focus on finding equitable and sustainable solutions to the challenges our communities face. She is running for City Council to put her expertise to use in service of everyone in Tempe. 

Helping Families 

Tempe provides many of the resources families need to thrive. Casey will continue this work and expand the benefits available to every family.  As a City Council member Casey will: 

  • Expand Access to Preschool: Preschool helps both children and parents lead successful and productive lives. Casey will help more families get access to high quality preschool by building upon and expanding Tempe PRE.

  • Increase Access to Green Spaces: Parks and other green spaces help children and adults live healthy and active lives. Casey will work to develop new green spaces and improve existing parks, canal paths, trails, and other facilities.

  • Offer Paid Family Leave for City Employees: The City of Tempe has been a leader in encouraging inclusive policies and can continue to do so by giving city employees paid family leave. Casey will push the Tempe City Council to prioritize giving employees these needed benefits. 


Building sustainable communities is a priority for Casey. She understands that every community requires personalized solutions to its problems. As a City Council member Casey will: 

  • Improve Public Transit: Casey wants to make public transit more accessible and convenient for everyone. These improvements include securing funding for more frequent and reliable service, utilizing mobile technology for real-time bus location and arrival information, and partnering with local artists and vendors to create functional bus stops that fit in with Tempe’s vibrant aesthetic.  

  • Expand Mobility Options: Casey understands the importance of removing transportation barriers and expanding mobility options for bicycles, scooters, walking, and other forms of transportation. Casey will work to make sure everyone has access to safe, convenient ways of getting around Tempe by working towards Complete Streets and Vision Zero.

  • Implement Neighborhood-Specific, Sustainable Development: Casey recognizes that each neighborhood has specific needs. Casey will encourage community focused development projects that support the diverse nature of each neighborhood. 

Investing In Tempe 

Affording life’s necessities should not be a struggle. Casey will work to ensure the residents of Tempe have access to their basic needs.  As a City Council member Casey will:  

  • Expand the Availability of Affordable and Workforce Housing: Many hardworking people cannot afford to live in Tempe because of the growing cost of housing. Casey will work to increase the amount of affordable and workforce housing in Tempe and support the Community Assisted Mortgage Program. 

  • Support Stable Housing: Rent and mortgage assistance programs ensure that our neighbors are provided a safety net when in need.  Casey will prioritize Tempe’s Emergency Rent and Mortgage Assistance programs so these options remain available to the residents of Tempe.  

  • Invest in City of Tempe Employees: City employees deserve a living wage. It is as simple as that. Casey will fight to get full-time city employees a $15 minimum wage. 

Justice and Civic Engagement 

Residents of Tempe should be able to play an active role in how the City makes decisions. As a City Council member Casey will: 

  • Enhance Police Training: Law enforcement plays a crucial role in protecting communities and assisting people in crisis. Casey will work with the Tempe Police Department to ensure police have the necessary training regarding mental health, sexual assault, and people with disabilities. 

  • Implement Free and Fair Elections: Every resident of Tempe should have the option to be an active participant in city politics. By implementing public financing options for campaigns and rank-choice voting, we will hear more voices and better serve all communities. 

  • Increase Participation on Tempe Boards, Commissions, and Committees: Tempe’s Boards, Commissions, and Committees play a vital role in advising the City Council. Casey will work to increase diverse participation in these important groups. 

Casey is committed to working together to create solutions for issues of local importance.  Please reach out to Casey if you would like more information about her policies at